Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Say Risoni, I Say...

... YUM!

Every week I get Honeycombers "ultimate guide to everything fabulous & fun in Singapore" sent straight to my inbox.  It includes great ideas for weekend getaways, things to do with the kids and up and coming bars and restaurants and more!

There was a lonely packet of risoni hiding in the back of the cupboard because to be honest, I didn't know what do with it so when I saw the Recipe of the Month I decided to try it out.

One word:  delicious!  Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

Oh and for the record, I didn't have any wine available but beer was a great substitute :)


  1. Ummm that looks like an easy and yummy recipe! If I make it with some chicken sausages I think TLG will lap it up.

    How's life in Singapore in general?

    And we're looking into a holiday later in the year - what is the name of the villa you stayed in? Did BuBbles enjoy it?

  2. I made it with some pork sausages instead of spicy ones and BuBba picked out all of the sausage and left the rest, even though I made his with less lemon and basil - oh well, we still loved it :)

    We stayed at Seri Villas and BuBba loved it. The staff were great with him and he enjoyed swimming a couple of times per day in the nuddy hehe

    Singapore is going great - it's a very easy country to move to and _most_ things run very efficiently. I am missing all our local haunts back in Sydney so love seeing your posts about familiar places :)


  3. I love risoni and combining it with sausages is great way to serve it for a weeknight dinner! :)

  4. I luuurve risoni! It has such a lovely texture doesn't it! :) And absolutely, next time I'm in Singapore I'll let you know! We were flat out when we were there (when you see all the stories over the space of 3 days you'll hopefully understand what I mean ;) ).


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