Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Today I thought I'd quickly share with you a few photos of our spartan apartment. 

Decorations are few and far between, as are presents but I did manage to purchase a couple of little sparklies to hang around the place.

Welcome to our *ahem* very humble abode
Tinsel & the view outside
Our only Christmas card (from our property agent) and this year's Santa photo
BuBba's Christmas present in its hiding spot


Having a quick look at these pics makes it all look a bit depressing but that it is not.  Christmas is more about spirit and cheer to me and we are very excited to be spending our second Christmas together with just US.

Nothing beats quality family time and forging new traditions, like having the infamous Singapore chilli crab for Christmas Eve dinner!  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight and can feel myself salivating already :)

Wishing you and your families a very safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


The BuBbles Family

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Naughty Girl

A totally non-Christmas related post today.  


I was just reading about Christina Aguilera's "raunchy" performance (go to the bottom of the article to see the performance) at the X Factor UK final last night and whilst I have to agree that it was pretty risque, boy, did it sure pique my interest in the movie.

All I'd known up until today was that Christina, Cher and a personal fave starlet, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Kristin Bell were in the movie.  I'd been following the red carpet premieres over the world solely for the fashion.

And that's about it.

A little bit of digging shows that the cast is quite impressive - the above-mentioned ladies and also Alan Cumming (love him in the Good Wife), Cam Gigandet (drool), Dianna Agron (Glee), Eric Dane (Greys Anatomy), Peter Gallagher (the father in the OC), Stanley Tucci (in a million movies but you might remember The Devil Wears Prada) - and that's just to name a few.

I've never really been a big Christina fan but have to hand it to the lady that she has one killer voice and I love that she's rocking a couple of extra kilo's at the moment and looking as sexy as ever.

Get me to a movie theatre stat!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hungover without the Alcohol

The last couple of days I haven't been feeling the best.  It feels like I have a hangover but I haven't been drinking and as a result I've been resting quite a bit.

BuBba is getting a little stir crazy because we haven't left the apartment much and is running out of things to play with.  

What's a boy to do?

Of course!  

Let's throw Mummy's tampons in the toilet.  

Eeeeeek!   Ughhhhhh!
That'll teach me for ignoring the quiet as I lay down to rest for a few minutes.

PS.  No babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bah Humbug

It hasn't really felt like Christmas this year.  It'll just be the three of us and to be honest, there's been so much going on with the move that we really haven't been able to focus on anything else.

In an effort to try and get in to the Christmas spirit, I've booked us in for a Christmas Day buffet lunch at a hotel on the Singapore River.  

I've already started praying to the Gods and crossing all my fingers and toes that BuBba will be well behaved but I know better.  He's at that wonderful stage where he wants to get out of the highchair five minutes after he was put in there, he loves to throw food around, right after he spits it out (fully masticated), and generally scream and shout and make me want to tear my hair out.  I think I'm going to have to plan a kit that includes a myriad of foods (just in case the variety of a buffet doesn't suit!) and a box full of toys to try and divert him from wrecking havoc.  At least he still isn't walking yet so I won't have to worry about running after him.

A few times a week, I walk through Chinatown and every time I stop by a little cheap store that has tacky Christmas decorations and consider buying a Christmas stocking to hang on the door and maybe a Santa hat to shove on BuBba's head and take photos to send back home to the relos.  Something's been stopping me so far and I think it's because my sub-conscious is telling me to pull my finger out and get in to the spirit of Christmas and go out to Orchard Road and buy some "real" pretty decorations.  Good thing we're heading there on the weekend to try and get BuBba a present.


Today we received our first Christmas presents and that was the thing that got me thinking about Christmas and all that jazz.  My best friend/BuBba's godmother, who is usually anti-gifts with a passion, sent over a couple of small gifts - one for me (yay!) and one for the little dude.  I didn't think Santa would find us this year so it was quite a surprise and hell, if she can get all festive then I certainly can! 


I can feel a shift in my Scrooge attitude and although it's coming quite late in the season, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

Scarlett & Ryan

...and another one gone

Dexter & his sister Umm, I mean Michael C Hall & Jennifer Carpenter

...and another one gone

Andy Lee & Megan Gale

Another one bites the dust!

Hunky hunk Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens


What's with all these break-ups before Christmas???

A noteable mention (although it does involve 2 separations) but let's not forget about  these two lovebirds and their blossoming relationship.

Oh boy, what on earth is she thinking?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ok La! Back in to the Swing of Things

HULLOH HULLOH!  Did you miss me?  I sure missed you all and it's mighty nice to see that I don't seem to have lost any readers according to Mr Google counter thingy over there to the right.

My oh my, how quickly did the last four weeks pass?  I really thought I'd be able to pop in here and there and do some quick updates but time just got away from me and before I knew it, BAM!

We have been in Singapore for two weeks and jimminy crickets, it is AH-MAY-ZING!  So modern and yet so not.  Definitely a country of contrasts.

I have made it my mission to take photographic evidence of these contrasts and any funny sightings around the place. 

So to ease myself back in to blogging land, here's just a few of the peculiar and giggle-worthy things I've seen since being here.

It tastes good... apparently


Say What?

Btw, that's not a willy in the left corner, it's a crazy doll's arm

The view from our serviced apartment - spot the passed out Singaporean

Seriously, people do this!  Ughhhh...

There's an awful lot to catch you up on that's happened over the last month but I won't bore you and cram it all in to one blog post.  Instead, I'll drag it out lol

Stay tuned for further shennanigans :)

So glad to be back

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everything is A Ok

*Big sigh of relief*

Apparently there are no real issues with BuBba not walking yet.  Apart from mild weakness around the ankle ligaments, which should strengthen on their own over time, it seems that BuBba will walk in his own sweet time.  

Hrmmm, he seems to be taking after his mother in the stubbornness department.

A shout out to you all for providing me with words of reassurance and comfort and sharing stories of your own.  They really did make me feel so much better.  Much love <3

After having all his bits and pieces checked over, it was time for his 18 month immunisation.  After a five second scream, BuBba promptly shoved a biscuit in his gob and gave me a high five.  

You rock little man and I love you to infinity and back!

Monday, November 15, 2010


See my ticker by the side?  Yep, that pink, glittery one to the right?  

Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!  

The countdown has definitely begun and so too has the MAJOR stress.  So I must apologise in advance if my blog posts in the next couple of weeks become rather sporadic but I do promise I'll be back and firing on all cylinders once we've landed in Singapore and have net access.

Anyway, moving on to Week-A-Boo created by Claire from Scissors Paper Rock.

Apart from all the sorting, packing and cleaning, our big thing for the weekend was seeing Metallica in concert.  This is the second time I've seen them live and whilst I loved seeing them again, I did much prefer the previous concert.  

The layout was fantastic actually - like an arena, with a rectangular stage in the middle of the floor and 4 microphones along each side for James to belt out his tunes.  Lars sat in the middle on what can only be described as a gigantic lazy Susan so that he could rotate around and see the crowd at least once during the night.

On Sunday we had a farewell brunch with our very close friends.  We will definitely miss each other and I do feel sad that BuBba is going to miss out on growing up with their children.

On our way home, we discovered that the mythical Drop Bear is, in fact, real!  *Gasp*

Look, I even took photographic evidence :)

Have a great week wherever you may be!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Drool

This Friday I'm dreaming about A380's because I fear that with the recent Qantas and Singapore Airlines groundings, that I will not get the chance to fly in their to-die-for business class.

Ahhh, one day maybe...

Business Class Suite

Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Things Procrastinating

I'm sitting here getting my daily blog dosage, when I should be tidying and packing.

I am Queen Procrastinator.

All around me is stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff!  We seriously must have taken over half a dozen garbage bags full of things we no longer use or need up to St Vinnies.  And yet I'm still surrounded by mess and I hate it.  

But I guess there's only one more week until the removalists come and whisk it away until we next see it in Singapore in about 6 weeks.

Thankfully BuBba has been a great help...

Tidying the Tupperware cupboard.  Yeah, thanks for that!

Trying to dress himself.  No sweetie, your singlet doesn't go on your head.      

You may have noticed that in the photo above, there are no covers on the lounge.  They're off being dry cleaned because they were covered in drool marks from end to end.  BuBba's not mine :)  

This kid is a drool machine, I swear!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

...or not.

BuBba turns 17 months old in 2 days and he is still not walking.  He stands as long as he can hold on to something, he loves pushing my Table Tonic fuschia Moroccan leather pouffe up and down the hallway, he cruises furniture at lightning speed but has only taken a step here and there to date (probably 3 times).  He's reached all his other milestones in average time but seems to be at the end of the spectrum with getting his walking shoes on.

I'm starting to get concerned so I've booked him in for a developmental check with our local GP next week (along with his 18 month immunisations a bit early because of our departure).

Please tell me some stories about babies walking late to make me feel better. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Point + Shoot & Week-a-Boo

What a fabulous weekend!  Totally full on but amazing!

I had my work farewell drinks on Friday night which was an absolute ball!  I wasn't going to let the rain dampen my spirits.

Taken from inside the taxi on my way in to the city

Saturday was our 6 year wedding anniversary.  Daddy BuBbles organised dinner at Est. which was simply sensational.  We practically had to be rolled out of there, we were that stuffed from the tasting menu.  Dee-lish!

Gorgeous chandelier inside Est.

And finally Sunday.  A day to kick back and relax.  We farewelled some friends who are moving to San Fransisco and farewelled our car.

Bye sweet Liberty GT - you were good to us...

 On another note, was anyone successful in getting tickets to Oprah?  Although we won't be in the country when she arrives, I applied for tickets in the hope of getting a guest pass for SiSsy.  No such luck though...

On Mondays I like to play along with Point + Shoot and Week-a-Boo.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Drool

Tomorrow marks our six year wedding anniversary.  Holy cow!

It's amazing how time flies.  Who would have thought that when we met 16 years ago at a Domino's Pizza store (he was a delivery boy and I was a pizza maker/shift manager), that we'd be where we are now.  

I thought it would be fun to make a little timeline of our life travels over the years:

*  Meet each other while working part-time jobs at a pizza shop while studying at uni
*  Move to Sydney together
*  Move to London 
*  Return to Australia
*  Get married
*  Have baby
*  Move to Singapore

I wonder what the future holds?????

Happy Anniversary Daddy BuBbles!!  I can't wait for our date tomorrow night <3

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uh Oh Razzamatazz

Ummmah, I didn't get around to blogging yesterday.  I feel very naughty because this is the first time I didn't get around to blogging but I swear I had a good excuse.

My MuMmy arrived in the afternoon for a week's holiday visit.  She was quickly put to work puttying and painting walls and I've scheduled in a few babysitting sessions with her as well.  

The main reason that I missed blogging yesterday was because it was my last day at work.  I've been there four years - the longest I've ever stayed at the one job - huzzah! 

For nostalgia's sake I took a few photos of the campus and it's surrounds.  I've never really mentioned my job before but here's a sneak peak into my (non-glamorous) working world.

My barista <3
I used to eat my lunch on those park benches...
...and admire the view.

Great work, great environment, great colleagues.  

I'll miss that place.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Point + Shoot

More house guests this weekend gone.  

This time it was my beautiful bestest friend in the whole wide world and her lovely husband.  Even though she lives interstate, she is one of the biggest things I will miss once we move, especially as she is presently 23 weeks pregnant... with twins!!!!  I'm already planning a trip back in February so I can meet her gorgeous twinnies.

We decided to head to Sculpture by the Sea super early yesterday morning to try and beat the crowds.  So didn't fancy fighting the masses with a pram and it turned out to be a great idea!

My Dad used to own a sky blue panel van like this before I was born - rock on!

Thousands of bottle caps and ties
Oh Em Gee!
You can see my bestie's pregnant belly in the reflection :)
Skidaddle ya camel!  I don't know why but there was a sewing machine in it's belly??
Trying to blend in

After working up an appetite we headed for breakfast at Bondi Trattoria.  If you're ever in Bondi, I highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Although I don't live over this side of town, I've had the pleasure of eating at Bondi Tratt a few times and have never been disappointed.  I last visited a year ago and yesterday we had the same charming and efficient waiter as then.  Love this place!

My Mumsie arrives later in the week to babysit help us get organised for the move.  Today is her first day of retirement after working in the same job for 41 years.  Can you imagine how weird it would feel to not have to get up to go to work after doing that day in, day out for so many years?  Weird.

A Singapore update is also well overdue.  I'll endeavour to fill you in on where we're at later in the week.  

For now, Happy Monday and have a great week!
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