Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Drool

I'm in a serious lull.  So many of my regular TV shows are on Summer break over in the US and I'm going in to withdrawals.

Thank goodness for the news that the next series of Gossip Girl is currently in production in Paris of all places.  

Hurry up September and get here soon!!!

Leighton is one multi-tasking queen.  She's been shooting a movie, filming new eps of Gossip Girl and attending fashion shows left, right and centre.

I seriously don't know how I missed this but last week the dee-lish Ed Westwick was in Sydney town promoting some mobile or something or other.  To be honest, I don't really care what it was, I just wanted to stare at him.

If I had known he was on Sunrise, I would have timed my morning tea break perfectly and dashed out from work so that I could see him in the flesh.  Apparently he asked to go out and meet the fans after his interview and no one ever does that  {not even Tori Amos when I went to the studios to see her play}.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't know he was there because I don't think that a 30-something mother screaming with all the tweens would have been a good look somehow.

Shame he didn't stay longer.  After his whirlwind Sydney trip, Ed jetted off to Paris to join the rest of the GG cast.

Have a great weekend and until Monday...


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  1. I know - I am hanging out for the next season of Mad Men... I can't wait for it to start!

  2. oh two of my fave things....Gossip Girl and Paris! Can not WAIT for that

    I missed Ed on Sunrise...when did that happen?

    Found you via Flog Your Blog Friday and I am glad I did...I don't always admit to people that I am a 32 year old Gossip Girl fan...!

  3. Hey hey
    Thanks for coming over to mine so I could find yours! Thank god for FlogYoBlog eh?
    I was just engrossed in an ep of GG (Season 3 downloaded on itunes), and then I get on and find this post! Awesomeness. I saw Ed on Sunrise, and he was completely gorgeous. Maybe more than Chuck, if that is at all possible :)
    Clea xx

  4. Oh Miss Kitty, thanks for reminding me I haven't watched Season 2 of Mad Men yet - will have to get on to that stat.

    @ Our Park Life - Haha, when you say it like that I sound so sad but what the heck, yes, I am 33 and I love Gossip Girl {and 90210, Drop Dead Diva, Melrose Place, the Vampire Diaries etc etc lol}!

    I'm still 23 in my head and I intend to stay that way :)

  5. hee hee, no we are not sad at all, - and yes like you I still feel young in my head...and that's a good thing, right?!

    I just don't think about the fact that when I WAS 23 Chuck Bass would have been, like 8?!


  6. OMG... we are so on the same page! I would've loved to have seen him! It is so sad we have to wait so long for the shows to come back on, I can't wait for Vampire Diaries to start back up!! :) Hazel

  7. I'm in major GG and Glee withdrawals right now!!


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