Monday, July 5, 2010

Point + Shoot

What a perfect day we had yesterday and fabulous timing for our Mother's Group 1st Birthday Party.

Some kids are walking already, others just crawling but general chaos ensued and oh what fun!

Yup, that's my BuBba crying for Argentina in the bottom left corner.  

It was his party and he was going to cry if he darn well wanted to!

Once again taking part in Point + Shoot


  1. Oh my...that cake is delightful! Very cute!
    Hehehe that bottom photo is great...what a crackup! I have several photos of all our 'mothers group bubs' & Ella was always the crying the one LOL!
    LOVE IT :)

  2. What a lovely cake, and the bubs are gorgeous!

    Are there only 2 girls in the group of 11 bubs? And I thought our mothers' group has a boy bias (7/4).

  3. That cake is just beautiful. All those babies are soo cutee.

  4. How cute is the cake and how cute are all the Bubbas!!
    Lovely pic x

  5. the cake looks amazing, I bet it tasted good too!

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies alas I didn't make the cake though but another talented Mummy did.

    CCM,there's actually 4 girls in the photo but it's very difficult to see. Also there was another girl just outside of the picture and 3 girls who couldn't make the party so we're about 50/50 with the boys and the girls :)

  7. What a gorgeous day!

    I love the sofa group portrait :-)

    SSG xxx

  8. oh so cute!
    i love how all the bubbas got their name onto the cake.
    what a really nice touch!

  9. p.s i think ur bubba has the coolest shoes of the group! very funky!

  10. My goodness, that cake looks absolutely delightful!! :) Hazel

  11. Hello? You need to talk about the cake!

    And your little boy is so super sweet. There are lots of boys in your mothers group?


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