Monday, September 13, 2010

Point + Shoot & Week-a-Boo

On Saturday morning the sun was shining and the birds were chirping so we got ourselves organised (relatively) early and set off to the local markets.  After a bacon and egg roll, complete with dripping barbecue sauce, and a hot coffee, we strolled through the markets and then wandered home.  

The little dude was obviously a bit knackered by this stage and didn't even notice that his cap had fallen over his eyes.

Then we tottered off to the shops to buy some bean bag beads to fill up this little beauty I bought from Louise at Table Tonic.  I've also bought a few of her gorgeous hand woven Ikat cushions.  When I manage to put it all together, I promise to show you a photo of the finished look.

Yesterday was a quieter day spent mainly at home starting to get ourselves sorted for the move.  We are clearing out a few things and there are now shoes, dresses, toys, bbq's and outdoor settings all on eBay waiting for some lucky people to snatch them up.

We did venture out of the house for a short while and took BuBba to the park for a swing.  As you can tell from the pic though, he was pretty grumpy.  Daddy BuBbles likes to be a man of mystery so I've blocked out his face for mystery's sake.

Have a great week!

Today I'm playing along with Point + Shoot and Week-a-Boo.  Please go and check out Chantelle and Claire's blogs today if you haven't already.


  1. Oh, we have a daddy who prefers to be a man of mystery as well - although I have managed to put him in my new header at my blog! He only let me cause it looks like he is being father of the year by making boats with the boys!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, complete with super cute pictures.

  3. What a cute shot of a tired little one! :)


  4. Haaa...that photo of your little man passed out is so cute!! It's like he's saying "I'm buggered, let me be!" hehehe!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend!!!
    And I love love love Louise's pouffes...and that PINK is gorgeous!

  5. ohh i also have a hubby who prefers to not be pasted all over my blog. which is why my blog is called "Me" 'N my Monkeys.
    loving the pics.

  6. We played along too. I loved reading your post, the markets sounded like a great start to the day and all your pics are nice - lol at mystery man :-)


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