Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And Another...

Yay, another blogland first for me  :)

Janette at My Sweet Prints has passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me (amongst others).  This is my first blog award and the rules are to list 7 things about myself and then forward this on to my fellow bloggers.

Let's do this!

1.  Travelling is huge passion of mine.  I've been to the UK, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Iceland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Prague, Mauritius, the Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Fiji, Egypt and Jordan - just to name a few.  Next on my list is Cable Beach in WA and Cambodia.

Our honeymoon destination -  Soneva Gili in the Maldives

2. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life, on par with childbirth, is trekking the non-touristy Inca Trail in Peru.  The whole story deserves it own post but let's just say that after nearly freezing my tits off and suffering from horrible altitude sickness, my hiking boots were permanently retired to the back of the cupboard as soon as we returned back home from South America.  They were bloody ugly anyway and difficult to co-ordinate clothes with :)

 That's me in the tent and ice and frost on the ground

3.  I'm a Brissie girl at heart.  I grew up there and left at the age of 21 when I had finished my uni degree and went in search of the bright lights of Sydney with Daddy BuBbles, who was my boyfriend at the time.  Whilst it's tempting to move back to Brisbane because of family, friends and a better property market, I just could not give up the beauty of Sydney.

A beautiful Brisbane sunset on our wedding day

4.  I love fast cars.  My car BC (Before Child) was a gorgeous black Mazda RX8 that I miss so much.  It was reluctantly sold to make way for a more family friendly Subaru Liberty, which so happens to be a sporty little turbo number.  I always felt like a million bucks in "Rotors".

The bogan number plate was Daddy BuBbles doing

5.  As a youngster I used to play Tee-ball.  My team was the Hawks and we had a stylish beige and brown uniform that used to put the other teams to shame.  I lie...  I actually used to secretly wish I was in the Angels because their uniform was a more trendy aqua colour.  My hopes of moving on to becoming a Superstar female baseball player were quashed when my parents refused to let me move up the ranks in fear of me getting hurt or my studies being interferred with.

Check out that stance!

6.  If we had had a baby girl, her name would have been Allegra Grace.  About a year before I was pregnant and even before we were considering having children, I had a dream where I had a daughter called Allegra.  It was such a vivid dream and I was convinced while I was pregnant that it meant we were having a girl.  Lucky we had a boy's name picked out just in case :)

Her nickname would have been Leggie

7.  And finally, I am a terrible gardener.  I try, I really do but I rarely manage to keep plants alive longer than a few months.  My latest venture was a herb garden.  My Mum helped when she was down visiting a while ago but sadly only half of the plants are still alive today and half of those are being eaten by grubs and aphids.

 Freshly repotted herbs

TA DA!!!

There you have it.  Seven things about me.  Seeing as I'm new to all of this, I'm not sure if I've gone a bit overboard but to be honest, I've enjoyed doing this and sharing little tidbits about the life of BuBbles.

I hope you enjoyed it too.

It's now time to pass the baton of the Versatile Blogger Award on to some of my favourite bloggers: 

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  1. Loved hearing your 7 things! Boy that hiking in Peru looked scary tough! Thanks for taking part!

  2. What a great idea with those potted herbs! Now I just have to have my own house haha :) Lovely blog xx


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