Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hit Girl vs. Tavi

Over the long weekend Daddy BuBbles and I managed to sit down and watch the movie Kick Ass.

Initially it seemed like a fairly innocent movie based on a comic series about a school student who decides to become a Superhero but that was far from the truth.  In fact, one of the Superhero's is Hit Girl, an 11 year old girl with a potty mouth and a penchant for blood.

The movie was right up my alley and I really enjoyed it.  I found myself laughing loudly a few times and suddenly realising that I sounded like my mother!  OMG!1!!!

Anyways I ramble...  

The point of this post is that I couldn't help but think that Hit Girl and Tavi (of Style Rookie fame) must be sisters.

Hit Girl



What do you think???

For those of you wondering what the hell I'm on about, have a little look see at the trailer.

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