Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Weekends are Bliss!

BuBba turned the big 1 on Friday.  

We'd celebrated the weekend before with friends at the park which was just as well because Daddy BuBbles had booked himself in for Lasik eye surgery in the afternoon and I had organised a Mother's Group dinner for the evening.

In between running around the various appointments we had, BuBba did get a chance to "open" his birthday presents.

The box that the trike came in was far more exciting though :)

The next day we took the trike out for a spin in the beautiful Winter's sun and as you can see from BuBba's face, it was a big hit!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend and has a great week ahead.

{Once again, I'm playing along with Fat Mum Slim's Point + Shoot}


  1. Isn't that always the case, the box being more exciting that the item itself?

    So cute. Happy Birthday BubBa. x

  2. Your Bubba is SO cute : ) Isn't it sweet how they always love the boxes the best! That is like the most fantastic present when you are one :) A big cardboard box. Your baby is adorable!

  3. Haha bubba has the cutest hair EVER!
    Happy Bday!
    Ms S xx

  4. Happy birthday BubBa, and what a great gift!

    TLG has the same trike and he loves it to pieces.


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