Monday, June 21, 2010


Now that BuBba is one, we can let him try all those naughty foods that are "forbidden" before hitting the magical twelve month mark.

Yesterday morning we ate breakfast together.  Yummy scrambled eggs was on the menu.

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  1. Aww look at those little fingers :) So sweet!! It's fun to see their face expressions when trying new foods ;o) My toddler is still quite a fussy eater....but scrambled eggs is always a winner in our house {i even blogged about it this morning lol}
    Have a lovely week!!

  2. Oh... bring on all the new foods! Scrambled eggs are always a hit. x

  3. Yumm
    Scrambled eggs was a big moment in our house too, and a saviour when my little girl went through a no meat phase.
    The phase has (thankfully) passed, but scrambled eggs are a staple.
    Just a heads up though, beware of the scrambled egg sneeze. Grouse


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