Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love Your Teeth

When I lived in London in my twenties, I had an awesome job.  I worked as a Clinic Manager/Personal Assistant for a husband and wife team who owned their own practice in Central London.  

The people I worked with were fabulous and the clientele were rich (and I mean $$$ rich) and varied.  I got to meet some pretty cool people and see a lot of interesting things.

Last night I was sans Daddy BuBbles, BuBba was tucked up nicely in bed and I wasn't interested in watching the State of Origin in the slightest, despite me being a QUEENSLANDER!!! at heart.  

So what did I do?  Well, I googled my old bosses of course.

Wow, they've come a long way baby!  Not only have they spruced up their website but they've been busy designing a range of designer tooth pastes cleansers that's stocked exclusively in Boots (kind of like Priceline here) and has even had a mention in UK Vogue and Tatler. 

Ooh La La :)

Might have to hit them up for samples when we return for a visit, hopefully some time soon.

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  1. I googled a family I used to babysit for because I wanted to catch up with them.. I still haven't tracked them down to contact them, but I know they are still doing very well!

    That tooth 'cleanser' does look very appealing..


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