Monday, August 2, 2010

Point + Shoot

The BuBbles household is having a long weekend and a fabulous one at that.  

We have spent the weekend catching up with friends, eating out, enjoying the sun and best of all, spending quality time together.  

There really should be more Bank Holidays!

A fish tank inside an old school TV - I want one!

A shoe view - because everyone is doing it.  And besides, I want to show off my sparkly Converse Daddy BuBbles got for me from the US.

BuBba at the beach.

Play along with Point + Shoot over here.


  1. We took advantage of Bank Holiday too - instead of a family outing, we opted for a romantic mini break - gonna blog about it right now.

  2. Lovely photos :)
    And I LOVE your sparkly converses! Very NICE!


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