Friday, August 6, 2010

Scented Nail Polish

I was watching one of the latest episodes of Drop Dead Diva (I know, I know *rolls eyes*) the other day and Leelee Sobieski (remember her?) was playing a lab tech who had her idea for "Rainbow Polish" stolen by her boss - a polish that changes colour when you shine light on to it.  

What an amazing idea, almost like hypercolour nail polish.


Anyways, that reminded me that I had recently seen a range of scented nail polishes that Revlon has put out overseas.  I did a bit of searching because I'm pretty sure they're not available here in Oz yet and a Voguette has said that the range is being launched here this month - wahooo!


Each shade has a matching fruit fragrance when dry that is supposed to last for a few days.  The scents available overseas include Coconut Crush, Mad About Mango, Pretty In Papaya, Sublime Strawberry, Raspberry Rapture, Mon Cherry, Passionate Fruit, and Not So Blue-Berry.

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