Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday's pity party is over and I'm feeling a bit better today.  BuBba is still a crawling snot machine and he's also teething so add a lot of drool to the mix and well... you can imagine :)

Tomorrow is my mother's 60th birthday.  I've been trying to wrap my head around this without luck - if my "Mozzie" is 60, then that makes me.... whoa!  Too scary to think about it.

A while ago, with said birthday looming, I thought that Mum was freaking out about it but actually I now think that she is embracing this milestone with open arms.  Last weekend she took five of her closest girlfriends away for a long weekend in the mountains.  I'm sure they gossiped, relaxed, ate copious amounts of chocolate cake and drank lots of red wine by the fire, until late into the night.  Something that I would like to do with my girlfriends when I hit the same age.

This weekend it is our turn to spoil her.  SiSsy has probably already landed in town this morning and we will fly up early tomorrow morning to surprise her because she thinks that we aren't arriving until later in the day.  We'll be taking her out to a swanky dinner at Sono (my gosh the food looks fabulous) and I'm aiming to bake her a cake tomorrow as well.  I also want BuBba to spend as much time as possible with Nan because as I've eluded to recently, the opportunities may not be as frequent if this something big eventuates.

Mozzie has requested a couple of things for her birthday but because I have refused to pay for a facelift, instead I've gone with the Wii Fit.  

Perhaps I should I get that too - the Wii Fit, not the facelift ;)

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