Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uh Oh Razzamatazz

Ummmah, I didn't get around to blogging yesterday.  I feel very naughty because this is the first time I didn't get around to blogging but I swear I had a good excuse.

My MuMmy arrived in the afternoon for a week's holiday visit.  She was quickly put to work puttying and painting walls and I've scheduled in a few babysitting sessions with her as well.  

The main reason that I missed blogging yesterday was because it was my last day at work.  I've been there four years - the longest I've ever stayed at the one job - huzzah! 

For nostalgia's sake I took a few photos of the campus and it's surrounds.  I've never really mentioned my job before but here's a sneak peak into my (non-glamorous) working world.

My barista <3
I used to eat my lunch on those park benches...
...and admire the view.

Great work, great environment, great colleagues.  

I'll miss that place.

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