Thursday, November 11, 2010

All Things Procrastinating

I'm sitting here getting my daily blog dosage, when I should be tidying and packing.

I am Queen Procrastinator.

All around me is stuff.  Stuff, stuff, stuff!  We seriously must have taken over half a dozen garbage bags full of things we no longer use or need up to St Vinnies.  And yet I'm still surrounded by mess and I hate it.  

But I guess there's only one more week until the removalists come and whisk it away until we next see it in Singapore in about 6 weeks.

Thankfully BuBba has been a great help...

Tidying the Tupperware cupboard.  Yeah, thanks for that!

Trying to dress himself.  No sweetie, your singlet doesn't go on your head.      

You may have noticed that in the photo above, there are no covers on the lounge.  They're off being dry cleaned because they were covered in drool marks from end to end.  BuBba's not mine :)  

This kid is a drool machine, I swear!

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  1. I could give you a run for your money in the procrastination stakes!!!

    By the way - I think the giveaway I'm currently running will tickle your fancy!


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