Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

...or not.

BuBba turns 17 months old in 2 days and he is still not walking.  He stands as long as he can hold on to something, he loves pushing my Table Tonic fuschia Moroccan leather pouffe up and down the hallway, he cruises furniture at lightning speed but has only taken a step here and there to date (probably 3 times).  He's reached all his other milestones in average time but seems to be at the end of the spectrum with getting his walking shoes on.

I'm starting to get concerned so I've booked him in for a developmental check with our local GP next week (along with his 18 month immunisations a bit early because of our departure).

Please tell me some stories about babies walking late to make me feel better. 


  1. Will started walked at about 15mths. He went from always holding onto things, never not having a firm grip on something to just one day walking, like walking across the room! It's like he didn't realise that he could walk without holding on until he accidentally took a step (which was actually a dance move) then just kept going.
    So maybe Bubbles will be the same and one day soon he'll just start walking?!?!?

  2. My nephew didn't walk til he was 22 months! And both my boys didn't walk til around 18 months.

    It may be a boy thing? Muffin walked the week after she turned 1.

    Give him a box or chair to push around the room and he'll be running in no time :)

    You can also try (when he is standing up) hold something he wants in front of him just out of reach (and above head his head height) then he'll try to reach for it and 'accidentally' step without realising. Then he'll think "Hey? these legs ARE actually good for something" and *ZOOOOOM*

    Hopefully lol Bets Of Luck! :)

  3. *cough* (or 'Best' of luck even) *cough*

  4. I was a late walker, and also a late talker. My parents were concerned too. They also thought I had developmental problems because I couldn't hold up a spoon properly, turned out I was just left-handed! Anyway I reached those milestones in due course, and my mum said once I started talking I never stopped :-)

  5. i think my cousins son was a late walker.
    he also was a late talker.
    i think all children are just different.
    hope all is well though!

  6. Thanks ladies. I'll update after Monday's appointment. Fingers crossed the GP just tells me that he's lazy lol


  7. If you have a local child health place, like community health physios take him there. I'm sorry, but many GPs don't know their early dev't and do WAY too much wait and see :\

    Please don't find me alarmist, I'm just your friendly blogosphere speech pathologist ;)

  8. By your son's age, my daughter had only just started crawling! Me, worried, much?! She never cruised furniture, she only sat up unassisted for the first time when she was 15mo. We went to a physio, who found nothing remarkably *wrong* except a little lass who was rather firm on the whole notion of an assured outcome and she wouldn't be pushed into it until she was ready (meaning, she would do it in her own sweet time!).

    She eventually took first steps a month before her 2nd birthday (23 months) and even then, it took her another month to walk 'for keeps'.

    BUT she was talking fluently from 11 months and had exceptional fine motor and communication/empathy skills. Considering this, and it was a bit of a minefield trying to work out what was best, the plan for us was: wait until 18 months and if no movement, seek further serious advice/treatment. As she was crawling by 18mo, there was no major concern anymore. I regularly had her monitored (paed/physio) and as she was ticking all other boxes, we did just have to 'wait and see'. Different story if there had been other missing milestones.

    Good luck! I know it is such a worry, in the back of your mind - it was for me, on and off. Go with your gut (or the mummy-hairs on the back of your mummy-neck ;) as well, I'm a firm believer in mums knowing because they're more tuned in to their children.

  9. My bestie's boy has only just started walking and is 18 months old. He's not talking yet either, other than the really important words like "Mum" "Milk" and "Nooooo!".

    I walked at 14 months whilst my Husband seemed to come out of the womb walking... so all eyes are on our little one to see when he will. He is currently doing things in the weirdest order (according to the milestone chart) - he rolled front to back from 3 weeks (I kid you not, it freaked us out), rolled back to front right on schedule but wouldn't put weight on his legs to "stand" until 5 months.

    I think if we have to remember that they'll get there in the end (yeah, I know, easily said).

  10. Don't stress!! He sounds perfectly mobile, just not ready to go yet. My son didn't walk till 18 months (and didn't talk till two and half!) and my daughters almost 15 months and not walking yet. They do it in their own time. But I know how hard it is, trying not worry about it, and get impatient. Massive hug- I hope your little one gets up and about soon!!


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