Monday, November 15, 2010


See my ticker by the side?  Yep, that pink, glittery one to the right?  

Less than 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!  

The countdown has definitely begun and so too has the MAJOR stress.  So I must apologise in advance if my blog posts in the next couple of weeks become rather sporadic but I do promise I'll be back and firing on all cylinders once we've landed in Singapore and have net access.

Anyway, moving on to Week-A-Boo created by Claire from Scissors Paper Rock.

Apart from all the sorting, packing and cleaning, our big thing for the weekend was seeing Metallica in concert.  This is the second time I've seen them live and whilst I loved seeing them again, I did much prefer the previous concert.  

The layout was fantastic actually - like an arena, with a rectangular stage in the middle of the floor and 4 microphones along each side for James to belt out his tunes.  Lars sat in the middle on what can only be described as a gigantic lazy Susan so that he could rotate around and see the crowd at least once during the night.

On Sunday we had a farewell brunch with our very close friends.  We will definitely miss each other and I do feel sad that BuBba is going to miss out on growing up with their children.

On our way home, we discovered that the mythical Drop Bear is, in fact, real!  *Gasp*

Look, I even took photographic evidence :)

Have a great week wherever you may be!


  1. Bahahaa....giggling away here about your drop bear sighting :)
    2 weeks to go...o.m.g! I bet you're a mixture of excitement & fear....Well, I know I would be :)
    Thanks for joining in, i love seeing into your lovely weekends :)
    Have a great week Lovely!

  2. I saw them on Thursday night, fantastic as usual!!! :)


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