Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Thankful Thursday

I saw this little ditty over at the ever so positive and gorgeous Sunny Mummy and just had to share.

Things are a bit tough here right now with BuBba.  The combination of his foray in to childcare and the (not unexpected) snotty nose, chesty cough and general grumpiness that goes with it, a perfectly timed bout of super clinginess and me returning to work means that we're not a very happy household at the moment.  

That probably explains why I'm sitting here unshowered and still in my pyjamas.

But I am thankful.  So soooooo thankful and I am reminded that through difficult times, I will grow.


  1. Absolutely perfect and true! And it sounds like you're going through a tough time, I hope it looks up for you very soon! :)

  2. Your attitude is great Bubbles.

    I have my sick little boy sleeping on my lap as I type so I definitely understand how tough it is when your little one is unwell.

    Things will get better - one day BuBba will happily wave goodbye when you drop her off to day care. Stay strong!


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