Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sharing is Caring

A while back I promised to share some wedding photos with you.  There's so many that I love but here's a few to keep you going for the moment.

Our scrumptious wedding cake.  Bottom tier - choc mudcake; middle tier - caramel mudcake; top tier - white choc mudcake

Down the alley way

That's a Moschino tie peeking out from Daddy BuBble's suit

You didn't think I'd forget, did you?


  1. Oh my Lord.
    I think that is the best wedding cake i have ever seen.
    did it taste amazing?
    chocolate caramel and white choc! yum
    i cant stand the usual fruit cake ewwwww.

  2. What a beautiful cake!

    Absolutely beautiful photos.

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh my gosh. Beautiful everything. Esp the cake.


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