Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Drool

Friday afternoon and all is quiet.  BuBba is having his arvo nap and I'm sipping on a coffee reading the brand spanking new Adore online magazine.   Ahhhhhh.....

But my mind won't slow down.  I'm worried.  About roooollly important stuff.  Like luggage.

Packing ideas and their associated dilemmas are swirling around non-stop in my head.  

The majority of our belongings won't be available to us until about 6 weeks after we arrive in Singapore because of shipping and so I am already trying to figure out how I am supposed to fit a condensed version of my life in one big suitcase.

Usually I fit all my make-up and toiletries in a mish mash of whatever toiletry bags are available but I've just purchased 2 gorgeous toiletry bags that are uber stylish.

The Apple & Bee foldout wc bag in Japan silver

And the larger carry all traveller.

I also just noticed that with every order over $100, not only do you get free shipping but also a free medium sized make-up bag.  


Have a great weekend my lovelies!  <3


  1. Classy, travel light, pretend you are a camping and buy the basics you need. Some lipstick and clean knickers is all you need!

  2. The bags are so pretty! Can't believe you're leaving soon. Are you putting all your winter clothes into storage?

  3. Loving that fold out luggage, I've never seen luggage like that!


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