Monday, October 25, 2010

Point + Shoot

M and I met about 6 years ago.  Over the internet.  Over our mutual love for a particular online game.  


Who knew back then that today we'd be the bestest of friends.  M now lives in Brisbane but she flew down especially for the weekend so that we could spend some quality time together before I leave for overseas.

She is a fabulously talented budding professional photographer so this week's Point + Shoot contains some of her brilliant photography, along with my shaky, blurry iPhone photos.

After a few vinos on Saturday night
Getting the magazines ready to read
Including Vanity Fair
O rly?
Play date
Get used to it BuBba, girls look at themselves in the mirror ALL the time
Oh hurroh

Join in here with Point + Shoot


  1. Very cute!! And this first picture is just awesome.

  2. I just discovered the hipstamatic app for my i-phone so have been snapping away all week. LOVED your pics.


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