Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Talk About Bras

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it was quite fitting that on the weekend I had a spring clean of my lingerie drawer.

Now the honest truth is that I have only 2 bras on rotation - a boring nude t-shirt bra and a nice little big black polkadot one.  

So how the hell did I have a drawer full to overflowing with bras?

The clothes rack in the picture shows all of the bras that I no longer wear (and truth be told, will probably never ever fit in to again) all nicely laundered.

What to do with them?  There were 25 perfectly wearable bazoonga holders that my puppies would probably never fit in to again and I just couldn't bear the thought of throwing them in the garbage (and the associated $$$ spent on them). 

Some people feel a bit icky at the thought of wearing a second hand bra, others are fine with the idea so I pitched the idea to my sister, in case she was cool with it.  SiSsy has said she'll have a look through them and see if any take her fancy.  After she's had a peruse, I'll throw them my Mum's way and then any left over at the end will be donated to charity.

That's a much better idea than throwing them all in the bin.

Oh and a final bra count:

*  5 x maternity
*  2 x current rotation
*  5 x unwearable and ditched
*  2 x still wearable from the pre-pregnancy range
*  23 x to be given away

= 37 freaking bras!!!


  1. I totally hear you! I love the 'idea' of lingerie but I never seem to wear my fancy bras more than a few times before they go back in the draw and I am back in my comfy t-shirt bra. But 37... wowzers! :)

  2. ha ha that sounds like me i own around 30..but wear 3!


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