Thursday, January 28, 2010


Such a nice round looking number...

It’s my birthday next week and surprisingly I am actually looking forward to it this year and not especially worried about getting older.  I think a large part of the anticipation is because this year will be my first as a mother – it’s odd saying it but it really is something special to me.

The year I turned 29 was the year I truly struggled with my age.  All the wrinkles seemed to magnify, the excess weight was doubled, hell even tripled, as far as I was concerned and the looming thirties were too scary to imagine.  Fast forward to 30 and I’d managed to lose a lot of the additional weight, I’d become a blonde and looking back now, I wasn’t very happy.  My, how things change...

You always hear about how you become more comfortable with yourself when you get older and I think 33 might just be that magic year for me.  I’m excited about the future and what it holds, not only for me but for my family as a whole.


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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm giessing from the dates it's this week sometime :) I hope it's filled with lots of love and laughter!


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