Thursday, January 21, 2010

Splish Splish

What a gorgeous way to spend the morning!

I bundled up BuBba and drove for Shelley Beach.  I always intend to get to places early but now that I'm working on baby time, I inevitably end up at least an hour later than what I had planned.  So by the time we reached Manly, parking was non-existant and off we went round and round and round and round in search of a park.  Once the elusive spot was found, off we went for our beachside walk.  The plan was to walk up to Shelley Beach, then turn back and go all the way down to Queenscliff and return.  Well we got a little further than Shelley Beach before I decided to take photos of the waves crashing over the rocks.  With my little point and shoot in hand, I changed the settings to continuous shoot and tried to capture the waves rising and falling.  The above picture shows my success. 

Not long after that wave crashed down, the water splashed all over the walkway and with a surge drenched my shoes and socks all the way through.  Our walk had ended abruptly so BuBba, my squelching, dripping shoes and I trundled back to the car.

And you know what?  Even though the morning did not go to plan, I enjoyed every single moment of it and as I write this, I have a smile on my face thinking how beautiful the day was.

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  1. Ooh what a gorgeous capture you got there! Shelley Beach is a great alternative to Manly I agree :)


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