Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And so here it is... New Year's Resolution!

Apart from the usual "lose weight" resolution, my main one this year was to start a blog and well, if you take that literally, I've started, which means I've succeeded in making one resolution come to reality already. Woohoo, I so rock! I do however intend to keep this blog updated regularly for at least a year so wish me luck.

Oh, and my other resolution this year - to improve my photography skills. And I am so so hoping that I can begin to do that when I get given a *cough* surprise *cough* DSLR for my birthday which is only 4 weeks away. The subtle hints to Daddy BuBbles have already begun but I think I might have to get a bit more subtle with a sledgehammer in the next couple of weeks, if you get my drift. /wink

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