Friday, January 15, 2010

BuBble's Harvey Wallbanger

There's been a sad old bottle of Galliano sitting in the back of our liquor collection for a long long looooooong time now so on a whim, I whipped up an easy peasy cocktail to satiate my alcohol cravings.

BuBbles Harvey Wallbanger

5 parts Orange Juice

2 parts Absolut Vanilla Vodka

1 part Galliano

Pour vodka and orange juice over ice cubes stir then layer the Galliano on top.

*We didn't have any ice cubes so I just mixed up all the ingredients and poured in to a short glass and it was still delish!


  1. Nice photography there! It looks so lovely and golden! :)

  2. Thanks Lorraine but I can't take the credit for this photo :) Still learning the ropes of blogging and photo credits etc.


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