Thursday, April 8, 2010

GaGa Rocks!

Oh my, what an extravaganza of glitter, butt cheeks and the "F" word.  Lady Gaga took her Little Monsters on a journey to the Monster's Ball and what a ride it was.


I travelled light and only had a small shoulder bag with me so the only photos I got were from my iPhone and as you can see, they were from a distance.  The beautiful "lady" in the middle piccie certainly got her fair share of attention - I was trying to be inconspicuous when taking her photo but I think I got busted!

I sung my lungs out until I coughed and spluttered and drank a few too many brewskies.  My head is hurting now despite popping two panadol earlier this morning - sadly my body just can't keep up with more than two alcoholic beverages in the one sitting.  How things have changed...

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  1. I heard heaps of people dressed up as her for her concert...I wish I had gone!


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