Monday, April 12, 2010

A Quiet Busy Week

BuBba's Nan arrived from interstate on the weekend for a week long stay in the BuBbles household.  We haven't seen each other since Christmas and this week is chocca-block full of planned outings, including High Tea, a trip to Fort Denison and plenty of cakes and coffee.  

She has also kindly offered to look after BuBba so that Daddy BuBbles and I can get some time on our own, which is so rare nowadays.  So we're off to the movies tomorrow night and will be having a couple of quiet dinners out on our own.  However, with all these things planned, I will be endeavouring to keep my posts here short and sweet for the next few days.

Again I played along with Fat Mum Slim's Point + Shoot this weekend just gone.  
Sydney is having some seriously gorgeous weather at the moment and I am loving it!


  1. Hope you have a great week. Lovely photo. Lou.

  2. Have a great time 'dating'. I love that special time together. It definitely recharges the batteries. x

  3. Enjoy your time together with the hubby! They are priceless ...


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