Monday, April 26, 2010

Holiday Time

Weeeeeeeee, it's holiday time!  Tomorrow we leave for a week in Fiji....   Ahhhhh bliss...

I'm playing along again this week with Fat Mum Slim's Point + Shoot.  My bestie visited this weekend from interstate and Saturday was spent touring the Northern Beaches.

She's a bit of a closet Home & Away fan so we took her up to Palm Beach and the "Summer Bay Diner".  It's actually a beautiful deli/restaurant/fresh flower market called The Boat House and has a great display of colourful fruit, vegetables and flowers at the front entrance.

Have a great week and I'll see you when I'm back!


  1. Are you serious? I thought the 'diner' was a figment of our H&A imaginations. So it's actually a shop?

    You're such a lovely friend. xx

  2. It's more of a restaurant and it does look quite different to what it used to but in it's heyday it was instantly recognisable as the Diner :)

  3. love the chanel polish!
    ive been wearing it for almost 8 weeks straight now.
    have a fabulous trip to fiji!


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