Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Hope It Was Just A One Off


What an interesting weekend we had here at Chateau BuBbles...   

Saturday morning had been planned as "me time" and boy was I excited.  I had planned to go and watch a movie by myself (Valentine's Day of course) and then indulge in a manicure & pedicure before heading back home.  Well as all my best laid plans seem to do nowadays, this one went down the gurgler in a big way.  

BuBba decided to pull an all-nighter on Friday night - the first time he's ever done this.  He awoke shortly before midnight screaming and despite our best efforts, would not settle.  Daddy BuBbles and I took turns looking after him and he would settle in our arms but as soon as we tried to put him back in to his cot, off he went again.  Was he teething?  I don't know, let's try some Bonjela.  Ba bahhh...  Did he have a fever?  Thermometer said no but he felt hot, let's try some Panadol.  Ba bahhh...  Did he get scared by the storm and all the lightening and thunder that went with it?  Let's put on a dim light and see how he goes.  Ba bahhh...  Does he have tummy pains?  Belly massaged and burped to the max.  Ba bahhh...  In one of our final desperate attempts, Daddy BuBbles bundled him in to the car and off they went for a drive, AT 3.30AM!!!  Apparently BuBba went to sleep almost immediately and after about an hour, they came home and as soon as he was back in his cot, BAM, screaming again!  It almost felt like a relay and the baton was passed to me again.  I was so close to putting BuBba in the pram and going for a walk at 4.30am in the darkness but I thought I'd try and walk him around in his pram inside the house first and guess what, he went to sleep after about another 45 minutes and stayed asleep until after 8am.

And so with very little sleep between all of us and BuBba's swimming lesson scheduled for later in the morning, I cancelled my plans.  Daddy BuBbles urged me to go but I thought to myself, if the tables were turned, would I want to be left alone after such a shocking night and the answer was no, I really wouldn't.  I stayed home to look after my two sleep deprived boys.

BuBba was almost back to normal for the rest of the day and rather hopefully, I attempted to go to the movies again later in the afternoon.  I should have realised it was just not meant to be.  All the signs were saying, stay home you foolish lady!  First of all, a woman stole my carpark at the shopping centre by driving up the wrong way.  Grrr to you lady but haha, I got an even better park than her around the next corner. Then there was a massive queue to buy movie tickets with only one person serving and with that queue seemingly full of squealing teenagers (not what one wants on minimal sleep) the movie idea was canned.  Damn it!  Coffee will solve all of my problems and off I went. Arrrgh, they got my order wrong and then I couldn't find a spare seat in the place.  Oh for goodness sake.  I was getting fed up now but sitting back and relaxing while someone pampered my hands and tootsies sounded like a fantastic idea.  Could you come back in 30 minutes?   Umm no, don't you have any idea of the kind of day I've had????  Ok, that's it, I'm going home!  I got in my car and managed to exit the carpark a whole freaking 15 minutes later because the cars were banked up.  Sheesh...  I stayed in for the rest of the night and Daddy BuBbles and I crossed our fingers that we were not going to have a repeat of the previous night's shenanigans.

And we didn't.  We still don't know why BuBba pulled an all-nighter and hopefully we won't ever have to go through that again any time soon.

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