Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Review

After a terrible Friday night and a disastrous Saturday, Sunday couldn't possibly be worse, could it?

Nope, it wasn't!  Thank goodness!

After reading a review of Love Grub in the Sydney Morning Herald recently, the concept of a bacon & egg sushi hand roll had piqued my interest.  So when my sister and I had planned to meet up for Sunday brunch, this is where I suggested.  I won't write another review here but let's just say the food and the service were ok, not great, but all right.  Oddly, the waiter kept apologising to us, firstly for keeping us waiting and secondly for the delay with the food, when in fact neither my sister or I noticed a delay at all.  I think the poor fellow was so run off his feet that he just didn't know if he was Arthur or Martha.


Later in the afternoon I finally got to have my long-awaited manicure and pedicure.  The finished product looks lovely but unfortunately it took a 25 minute wait (despite making an appointment), over an hour for the actual treatment and two bleeding toes!  Me thinks I shall not be going back to that nail salon ever again.

And finally, the best part of the day.  Valentine's Day evening.

We don't go over the top any more on Valentine's Day for a few reasons.  Mainly that we've been together yonks and we're over it and also that both our birthdays are within a couple of weeks either side of Valentine's Day so presents seem unnecessary.

However, we did agree to give each other a card (both going down the "naughty" card route this year) and Daddy BuBbles cooked his annual feast.

He doesn't cook often but when he does, WOW!

Oysters with parmesan & Horseradish

 Balmain bugs in a lime butter sauce with a green bean & mustard salad

And for dessert, he excelled himself with a Triple Choc Cornetto.  I'm pretty sure he'd just had enough of cooking two courses on his own but it went down a treat...  along with the few glasses of bubbly!

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  1. I think that kind of sushi my boy would like.
    lol.. Arthur or Martha... I like that one!

    Nice work in the kitchen daddy BuBbles though... and dessert sounds delicious ;)


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