Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bye Bye

Don't fret.  I'm only saying good-bye for the rest of Wednesday.  

Motivated by the fabulous and inspirational Sunny Mummy, today is "Nothin but Mummy" Day and so I will be switching off the computer as soon as I finish here and get going with the rest of my day, sans PC.  

I'm going to go to a Body Pump class with a friend (the first in a long while - ouch, this is going to hurt), go shopping for fresh fruit and vege and then cook up a storm in the kitchen.  BuBba is going to love all the meals I cook for him.

And just so you don't forget me between now and tomorrow, I thought I'd leave you with my all time favourite song in the whole wide universe.  Enjoy!

Adios and see you Thursday!

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