Monday, March 29, 2010

Please Come Again

The weekend, that is.  This weekend just gone was the first that Daddy BuBbles hasn't had to bury his head in the books for a long, loooong time and it was fabulous.  I'm so proud of him though - he has just finished a Masters Degree in Applied Finance and he's such a smarty pants but terribly modest about it all.

This week's Point + Shoot was taken yesterday morning when we met up with friends for breakfast by the beach.  It was such a perfect day.  The rest of the weekend was spent taking walks, having coffee, catching up with more friends we haven't seen in ages and a bit of relaxing here and there.  

Adios university, I hope we don't see you for a while.


  1. Congratulations Hubby!

    That shot is perfect. x

  2. Yes, congrats to hubby. That is a great effort - great effort to you supporting him as well. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Great photo. Lou.

  3. Your husband must be glad to be set FREE! Cheers to him.. I loooove that photo, so cool.... I like the arty frame edge also, my action for that doesnt work sad. Its probably me, I need time to do tutorials....I am a new blogger learning everything even down to commenting, that whole identity thing has me confused. I have a google id, but it still goes to that blog profile page..I want to send people direct to the blog speak soon any ideas>???? Margo

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies.

    Margo, not sure about your question because I'm still quite a newbie too but maybe you need to log out and relog in with your blog id if they're different? Thanks for being my newest follower too :)

  5. Gorgeous P&S photo! It looks like a painting and big congratulations to your hubby! :D

  6. ohhh love the colours & the sun on the water..just bliss!

  7. How good is that pic! Love it. Thanks for sharing


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