Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodie Goodie Yum Yum

Yay, I finally made it!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Some scrumptious looking toasted meringue-y thingamajig - I haven't tried this yet.

Being the novice to Adriano Zumbo, I failed to take down any details thinking that all these little morsels of heaven would be featured on his website.  Hrmmm, oh how I was wrong.  Thank goodness for Zumbo devotee, Belle at Ooh, Look..., otherwise I would have had no idea what was in the above pictured Marry Me Ed.    

And now for the train wreck but my gosh, they were delicious!

The poor little things didn't fair well on the trip home so naturally, I had to put them out of their misery and ate them eagerly.  On the left is Dr Apple (thanks again Belle) and the right was an equally delicious berry surprise.

So yeah, you can tell I am definitely not a food blogger* but I do LOVE my food and I have a strong feeling that Adriano Zumbo Patissier should be expecting regular visits from me in the near future.

*If you want to see some real food blogging, have a little look see at some of my favourites:  Ooh, Look... (as mentioned) , Not Quite Nigella and  Iron Chef Shellie.

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