Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 2 - Weight Loss Challenge

One week down, eight more weeks to go...  with the Couch to 5k Program that is.  And if I do say so myself, week one wasn't too shabby, not too shabby at all.  I was a bit puffed by the end of the sessions but not overly and I still could have held a conversation with ease.  In addition to running on the treadmill three times this week, I also did some laps in the pool on the weekend at the same time as Daddy BuBbles was taking BuBba for his swimming lesson.  Kill two birds with the one stone, as they say.  

My diet has not been vastly improved however but I am making small changes and find myself asking if I really do need that second glass of wine/WW chocolate eclair (mmm!)/extra helping at dinner.  And as I hopped on the scales this morning and simultaneously prayed to the gods to please be nice to me, I was rewarded with a weight loss.  Unfortunately not a great amount but 500g will do me just fine for now.  Go me!

Enter Week 2.  This morning I kept the pace the same but the running/walking intervals have been upped.  This week sees me running for 90 seconds and walking for two minutes (rinse and repeat) for the duration of the session.  It was tougher today and strangely, I seemed to still cover the same distance as last week.  I could work out the maths but I can't be arsed to be honest but somehow I thought the distance covered would be greater.  Meh...  Tomorrow is a rest day and I'm looking forward to pushing myself more on Wednesday by increasing my running speed.  Fingers crossed I make it!

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