Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Drool - Part 1


Yesterday was Daddy BuBbles birthday.  Apart from that pesky little thing called work getting in the way, I tried to make his day extra special by focussing on food.  Mmmmmmm...  food...

 First up was breakfast out on the balcony.  We were pushed for time, as is always the case when Daddy BuBbles is rushing to get to work but I set up BuBba in his little red Bumbo and sat them next to each other.  I whipped up some quick Belgian Chocolate pancakes (not as good as they sound but what do you expect from a mixture that you shake in a bottle) and provided that essential first coffee of the day.


And with a full belly, off to work he went.

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  1. How is it I have never heard of such awesome pancakes before??? MEGA DROOL!


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