Monday, March 15, 2010

At My House...

The end of my maternity leave is imminent.  I'll be returning to work part-time in just over a month and before I do, I think it's high time we go on our first family holiday.  The research has begun and this week we'll be booking a short sojourn in Fiji.

See those sunloungers there?  That's where I'll be taking up residence.  See that waiter there?  He's bringing me my mojitos.  Yes that's right, plural!

In other news, our new bedroom suite was delivered on the weekend and I lurvvve it!  The new mattress makes me feel like I'm sleeping on little clouds of fluffiness. 

Is it wrong that I want to spend every minute of the day sitting/eating/lying/sleeping in it?

If you fancy joining in on the fun and checking out what other lovely bloggers are up to this week, swing by Buttons by Lou Lou.


  1. Thanks for playing along - you have done it perfectly. Both your holiday and your bed sound amazing. Enjoy!

  2. I'm so jealous - of both the holiday and the bed!

  3. Oh lovely. Be sure to wait until the cyclone has hit before you book, so you know what is still standing in Fiji. xx

  4. I am so so glad I didn't book the holiday last Friday like I had planned. Going to wait it out and see if there was much of an impact at the resort we want to go to.

  5. Why is everyone I know going to Fiji and I'm not? SOB!!!

    Enjoy it babe - do nothing and get spoilt!

  6. those sun loungers look so inviting with that view - enjoy!


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